Caravan Wireless LED Display Parking Sensor Kit PM550L

£59.95 inc VAT

Available in 8 colours (choose gloss black if you wish to spray yourself)

Professional finish.

4x flush mounted sensors (2.5m length)

2 year warranty.

Wireless LED dash mounted countdown display, simply plugs into 12v cigarette lighter (1.4m length)

Avoid damage to your caravan & others.

The Park Mate PM550L is specifically designed for caravans. This easy-fit system includes 4 flush mounted sensors - 22mm in diameter (please choose from one of the 8 colours) Drill bit included. This high quality universal system will cover the widest of caravans & give off a professional finish. Included is a wireless dash-mounted LED display, which also gives audible bleeps with increasing frequency when reverse gear is selected, as you get closer to an obstacle. This can be mounted on top of the dashboard (or anywhere at the front of the vehicle - with the self adhesive, or velcro pad supplied) & has the added feature of a countdown display indicating the distance between you & the obstacle. It also tells you which side the obstacle is. Simply plug the LED display into your cigarette lighter. This will then receive a signal from the control box (mounted in your caravan) Power cable & 2x snap connectors supplied - insert the wire inside the connector, connect to the positive cable on the reverse light, squeeze the contact down flush with the connector and snap the hinged cover in place. It's that easy! Fitting guide can also be found at the bottom of the Park Mate website.

Park Mate parking sensors will change the way you park forever!