About Us

Established in 2012, we offer a large range of reverse parking sensor kits to both trade and retail customers, including main dealers, car sales, body shops, accessories stores and MOT bays. Park Mate has an extensive range of options available, with 20 pre-coloured sensor heads to choose from. We also have an in-house spray booth to offer a professional colour-coding service for a 100% colour match against the manufactures' original paint code. We supply a vast range of kits from those with just sensors and an audible alert all the way through to ones with rear view cameras and in-car displays.

Parking sensors are able to detect pedestrians and obstacles such as walls and posts both behind and in front of your vehicle if you wish; to aid your parking and enable you to get into those tight spots without damaging your car.

Using ultrasonic technology, sensors emit a cone of sound behind your car, which bounces off obstacles before returning to the sensor. The time taken for these sound waves to bounce and return off obstructions behind your car is how they calculate the remaining distance behind you. This is the same technology that you will be familiar with having seen fitted as OEM equipment on cars from new. Most of these systems are an easy DIY installation, only requiring a 2-wire connection. Parking sensor systems are equipped with a drill bit and instructions.

Park Mate parking sensors will change the way you park forever!

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