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Park Mate offer market leading car and van reverse parking sensors to retail and trade customers. Choose from our range of 20 pre-coloured sensor heads or have our team colour-code and spray your reversing sensors to professionally match your vehicle's paint. Need assistance driving into a space? We also sell front parking sensors. These alert the driver with either an audible bleep or a LED dash mounted display, with just a 2-wire connection. This simple to use, 100% reliable and responsive parking sensor alert system protects your vehicle's bumpers from bumps, scuffs and expensive collisions.

Need a clear picture of what's behind you? Our easy-fit rear view camera and monitor kits will assist you. We have a range of colour and night-vision cameras to fit flush into a car bumper, license plate surround or roof mounted onto vans. Our 3.5'' or 4.3'' monitors can be fitted on your dashboard or simply attach over your existing rear view mirror.

Park Mate will change the way you park forever!

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