LED Daytime Running Lights PM75

£29.95 inc VAT

2x 8 LED Daytime running lights

Up to 50,000 hours of continuous use


12 months warranty

Fixing brackets & screws included

8 LED Daytime Running Lights Park Mate PM75

Current UK and EU legislation decrees that all new cars are to be fitted with Day Time Running Lights to improve vehicle visibility and driver awareness which will increase road safety.

Now you can bring your car up-to-date and make sure you too are seen!

•12v LED lights
•12 months warranty
•Up to 50,000 hours of continuous use
•LED's for increased brightness with minimal power consumption
•Adjustable brackets for easier installation
•Fully meets the CIE Standard

Kit Contents
• 2 x 8 LED running lights
• 2 x Mounting brackets
• 4 x screws
• 2 x Red & black power cables

Fitting instructions
Find a suitable place on the vehicles bodywork to attach LED lights. Once set
to the correct angle, tighten the screws at each end of the bracket where it
attaches to the LED light to hold it in position. Attach wires using the wiring
diagram. Please note to attach the red wire to a 12 volt ignition live NOT a
permanent live feed. A on/off switch can be used also to turn the LED
lights on (switches can be found on our website) Or the LED lights can be
wired into the sidelights of the car. Always earth to the body of the car.

157mm Width
42mm Depth
17mm Height
Cable length 20cm
(sizes approx)